Make The Move To The Cloud, With Cloud Hosted

Cloud hosting can seem complex and intimidating. So we reinvented it.

Fully Managed

Our team of experts deal with maintaining languages, security patches, port access, and any issues that may arise.

Easily Scalable

Our custom backend technology makes it simple to upgrade 24/7.

Automatic Failover

Should a hardware device fail, your website is automatically switched to another server. No worries.

High Speed Deployment

Don't let your host dictate your build and deploy schedule. The Cloud is ready to use in under 5 minutes.

Integrated Caching

Enjoy automatically accelerated web content from day one, with our advanced caching configuration.

Monthly Billing

Add resources in a simple, straightforward way, avoiding any surprising usage fees at the end of the month.

All The Apps You Need, Installed in 1-Click

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